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Nancy West
500 Hour Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

I was introduced to yoga in 1996 by my aerobics instructor whom had been recently diagnosed with cancer and found yoga to be the catalyst for healing and transformation my busy life craved. I was shocked at the instant calmness I felt when instructed with some gentle postures and pranayama. I had spent my lifetime in physical action and being stressed!! Stillness and calm were a new concept to me and one I shockingly embraced whole heartedly. Craving more, I started taking yoga classes at a local studio. The owner encouraged me to enroll in the yoga teacher training program to help me heal from past and embrace the future in a serene manner. I, of course replied with “But I don’t want to teach”. Thank goodness she pushed me. By the time I finished a year later I was teaching 13 classes a week and spreading my joy of yoga and meditation to many. It became my journey and full time career. I have continued to learn and grow through this practice and believe a great teacher is always a student. I continue to this day to complete more trainings and certifications, and have had the privilege of learning from the some of the best yogis in India and the US. My own practice has evolved over the years always allowing me more transformation My focus these days is on slow flow, restorative and Kundalini.

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